Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We didn't do too much around the W house today. Since I had to work last night I got home this morning and slept a little longer that I should have. Til 3 this afternoon to be exact!!

It has rained the last few days here so the temperature was not nearly as hot as it has been, so no pool for this little baby today! I really hated that he couldn't get in the pool. He has the cutest bathing suits (yes that plural...he has 3) and I even went by Wal-Mart and got him his first beach towel. I can't wait for him to get in the pool for the first time. He loves the bath tub, so I'm hoping he'll LOVE the pool too.

Clay's aunt and uncle were nice enough to invite us over for dinner at their new house. I've been dying to see it and OMGoodness the kitchen in that house is amazing!! There is even a couch in there. A couch in the kitchen!!! I hope to have a kitchen that big in our next house.

This is the couch. I just love it!!!

Bryson had a few bites of BBQ, green beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. He loved it!!! Did y'all expect me to tell you any different? He even had banana pudding for dessert. Y'all he's a bottomless pit!!! I don't know what I'm going to do when he gets older. I have a feeling he's going to eat me out of house and home.

My two boys!

This is Bryson playing with his cousin Bryant's fire and rescue truck.

I got to try out my new camera today. I can't believe it stayed in the box for 3 days! It's a little overwhelming, but I think I'll get the hang of it. I'd love to find a class to take that would teach me how to use it.

Thanks to all the men and women who served or who are serving in our military. What you and your families have done for this country is nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for all you do!!! Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Regions Park in Hoover, AL has hosted the SEC Baseball Tournament for as long as I can remember. And since it's only 40 minutes from our house and Auburn made the tournament this year, Clay and I thought it would be fun to go and have a day date. I would have loved for Bryson to go, but a 10 month old at a ballpark who wants so desperately to move around was not the best idea. But I can't wait till he's able to go and I can get him all dressed up in orange and blue!

I don't look too bad for only having 4 hours of sleep!

Auburn was playing Ole Miss and the game was supposed to start at 3:00pm. But there was a rain delay for 2 hours. So we just people watched (do y'all enjoy that as much as I do?) and sat and listened to these younger guys behind us and all I can say is diarrhea of the mouth! HA! I think they talked about every subject you could think of. There was also this cute little boy behind us with his dad and grandaddy! He had little coke bottle glasses and bleach blonde hair. Oh my y'all, I could have just eaten him up. He was the sweetest thing!

This was the standing water that under our feet. I can't believe how much it rained today, but we sure did need it.

Our friend Jonathan made it right as the game started. Kristie I missed you and hate you couldn't make it!!! The game was alot of fun! Hunter Morris hit a 3 run home run to tie the game up 7 to 7, but we lost in the 10th inning after one of Ole Miss's players hit a 3 run home run. Ugh!Since that was Auburn's 2nd loss they are out of the tournament, but they are in the NCAA tournament and are hosting at their home field. So we'll be pulling for them to make it to Omaha!!!

This was Hunter's home run!

Hope everyone had a great Friday! And I hope y'all have a great 3 day weekend for those of you that are off. I'll be at work all weekend unfortunately. Oh! I got my camera yesterday, but haven't gotten around to working with it. That'll be on my long list of things to do next week. I've got a busy off week next week so I'm sure I'll have LOTS to post about.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Monday

Not alot going on in the house today. We've just been lounging around. This would be Bryson's 2nd 1-2 hour nap today. That's not something that happens very often. And the sad part is my house still looks like a mess! Ha! We had a very busy week last week and weekend. I think he's just trying to catch up on some much needed rest. The last few nights have been pretty rough. He has a cough and runny nose that refuses to go away and so I've been up rocking and trying to calm him down. It's so sad...his little cough is awful and there is nothing I can do for him but try a warm bottle or juice. Bless his heart! I wish I could make it all go away!!!

And while the little one is resting I thought I would watch Lost: The Final Journey. I'm almost finished and it was able to answer some questions I still had lingering in this brain of mine! Ha! The season finale last night was great!!! Alot left up to the viewers interpretation. I'm a little sad that it's ending. Did anyone else get a chance to watch it and what did you think?

Sorry I don't have alot to share. There hasn't been too much going on and my camera has been acting up so I wasn't able to take alot of pictures from this past week. Sorry dad :( I'm hoping to get Bryson in the pool sometime next week. I bought him this cute float with the canopy over it and his first pack of Little Swimmer Diapers! I'm sure I'll be needing to stock up on those since he has two sets of grandparents with a pool. And hopefully my new camera will be in by then and I'll know how to work it.

Hope everyone has/had a great Monday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Months

Bryson - you are 10 months old!!!

What are you up to these days?

You weigh around 22 pounds
You are in mostly size 12 month clothes
You are in size 4 diapers

  • You are a bottomless pit when it comes to eating. You eat everything we put in front of you and you get very upset when it's all gone. Your favorite is sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey, and any kind of fruit. You've tried some new solid foods... grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, and cheese quesadilla.

  • You have become a great napper again. You'll sleep 1-2 hours in the morning and in the afternoon. This is when I'll catch up on sleep or chores.

  • Overnight you have started letting me rock you to sleep which I LOVE and wouldn't trade for one minute. I'll sing to you and pray with you and that time at night with you has become so special to me.

  • Your eyes are what people compliment most about you. They are a bright blue and are so pretty with your dark brown hair.

  • You are still sleeping through the night. You will go to bed sometime between 8-9 and will wake up between 7-8.

  • You have two teeth on the bottom. They are getting so BIG!

  • You are my little chatterbox! You love to talk/babble. The word you say most often is Da-da! You've also started saying Ma-ma again which makes me happy!! We can already tell you are going to be just like your Uncle Tommy and talk ALL THE TIME. That's okay with us :)

  • You are constantly moving around on the floor. You roll everywhere you go. No crawling yet, but you've tried to pull up several times. You love it when we stand you up around the coffee table. You'll bang your hands and start yelling and get so excited!

  • You are one of the happiest babies I know. You are always smiling and laughing and you are so good when we take you out to places. I'm so happy to be your mommy!!!

    I can't believe how fast you are growing!

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Lights Camera Action...

    This little mama got her a camera today!!! Well actually I ordered this camera today. My dad and I have been talking about getting me a camera for some time now and since he was visiting this week we went shopping today. I found the Canon Digital Rebel XSi (the one I've had my I on for months) at Best Buy and the only one they had was the display. They were willing to give me a pretty good deal since it didn't have any of the accessories, but we found a better deal on

    Y'all I cannot wait to get ahold of this baby! I am beyond excited!!!

    Well I just wanted to share my excitement. I am about to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. My sister-in-law says it's amazing!!!

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    The BEST Concert Ever

    A few months ago my husband surprised me with tickets to the Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw concert. Y'all I've been counting down the days til today. I couldn't wait to see Lady A! I love there music and have been waiting for them to come to Alabama for quite a while.

    Clay and I haven't been out together in a while and this was the perfect date night!

    Our seats were in the 3rd tier, but if you've ever been to the Verizon Wireless Music Center, there isn't a bad seat in the house. I was able to spot two of my co-workers, Mary and Dorothy right off the bat. They were sitting a few sections over and having fun on Girls Night Out!
    Sorry the pictures aren't that great. I'm in the process of trying to buy a new camera.

    The first group to perform was Love and Theft. They were a great band and did a great job.

    The group of the night and the whole reason why I went to this concert...Lady Antebellum.

    I sang along to almost every song, sore throat and all. If I didn't know the words...I pretended like I did :)

    I just love this band! They did an amazing job and I can't wait til they are able to headline a tour on their own!!!

    The man of the evening...Tim McGraw! He did an awesome job. I think he sang for 2 straight hours non-stop. He did a better job than the last time I saw him in 2003 with my momma!

    This was the best concert I've ever been too. We truly got our moneys worth! Thanks again to my hubs for the best surprise!!! I had a blast!!!

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    All Bummed Out

    Why the tears and sad face?

    I went into work Monday night to find out that we can no longer look at blogs. Booooooo! And that also means I can't update my blog at 3:30 in the morning when all my kiddo's are asleep in their beds....Ha!

    Y'all I'm really bummed out by this! I love blogging (even though I don't post very often). This has become somewhat of a scrapbook of our life and I was able to do most of my postings at work. It's kinda' hard blogging with a 9 1/2 month old who loves to be held and wants your attention 24/7 :)

    I'll do my best to keep my blog updated as much as I can. Like I said, I love to blog and I love reading other blogs. I've gotten to know so many people through the blogging world. There are so many of you that I'm praying for and so many of you that have been such an encouragement to me...

    One more thing...I found out earlier today that my SIL is in the hospital and dilated 1 1/2cm. Owen is not scheduled to come for another 6 weeks. I know that she, along with the rest of our family would really appreciate your prayers.

    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    Mother's Day 2010

    I can't believe this day is finally here. For so long I thought I would never be able to celebrate this day with all the other wonderful mother's I love and look up too. With that said, my heart breaks for those of you that so desperately want to become mothers. I know how much your heart breaks on this day. Know that I pray for each of you and that on this day the Lord gives you peace and comfort. I pray He blesses you with your miracle very soon!

    My mom and I celebrated Mother's Day on Friday. We had a shopping day and had lunch at her favorite place, Stix. Of course my little man tagged along. Mom was so sweet...she bought me a new purse (I was in desperate need since I was carrying a brown purse in the spring/summer time) and two pairs of Yellow Box flip flops. I don't own a single pair of Yellow Box shoes. They are SO comfortable! Do y'all own any Yellow Box shoes...and what do you think about them?

    I let Bryson try some of the rice...he loved it! Did you expect anything else?

    After shopping and lunch we headed over to see my grandparents. It was great getting to see them and spend time with them. I love them so much and I'm very thankful that Bryson is getting the chance to get to know them. They were such a big part of my life.
    My grandparents just adore Bryson.

    Today was a beautiful day in the South. A little cooler than the last few days, but such a lovely day. I got the sweetest card from Bryson and Clay. It was so special. Church was amazing and I loved getting to see all the baby dedications. I believe there were 13 babies in the 11:00am service. They were all so good and well behaved.
    Me and my little man!

    We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with Clay's mom. We love there salad bar. It's one of the best in our area (that's not saying too much. ha!) It was great getting to spend time with her.

    Bryson was a "hot mess", all he wanted to do was eat, eat, eat. I don't think he could get enough of the mashed potatoes. I think after trying the rice at Stix on Friday and then some of the food at Uncle Charlie's graduation party, he will never want baby food ever again :)

    For dinner we headed down to see my family at my brother and sister-in-law's house. They have been in their house for about a year and we have yet to get down there to visit. isn't that terrible? My brother grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and Michele made this Buffalo Chicken dip that was out of this world. I got the recipe and will be sharing it in the future.

    After dinner the kids played some Rock Band. It was the first time Clay and I had played and I'm totally addicted! I think Clay is too. The singing was my favorite part. I wasn't to good at playing the drums...those things are hard to play!
    We looked like a bunch of goofballs sitting there, but it was so much fun!
    Clay even did a little singing too!
    Bryson sat with my dad the entire time. He just watched us look like a bunch of crazy people :)

    I'm a little exhausted after such a busy day! But I wouldn't trade this day for anything.
    Bryson~ you have been the joy of my life these last 9 1/2 months! My life has forever been changed with you in it. You are my miracle and I will always be thankful that the Lord has aloud me to be your mother. You are one of the sweetest little boys I know and I love you with all my heart. MaMa

    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Happy Graduation

    Today my brother-in-law Charlie graduated from UAB with a degree in education. We am so proud of him and all he has accomplished. He has worked so hard these last four years.

    My sister-in-law was so sweet to give him a graduation party tonight (even at 32 weeks pregnant). She did such a great job decorating and the food was out of this world delicious.

    The New College Grad and his lovely wife...oh, and we can't forget about little Baby Owen - he'll be making his appearance in late June. Aunt Jennifer can't wait :)

    Y'all know I'm not going to miss an opportunity to take a picture of my little family

    This was fav! Chocolate dipped marshmallows with yellow sprinkles...YUM-O!!! Jessica fixed all of the food. We had so much and it was all so good!

    Bryson and his Nana
    He was mesmerized by the balloons, if you can't tell.

    I made Bryson a little palate on the floor. He loves sitting up and playing with his toys. I kinda' felt bad that he was being the center of attention when we were there to celebrate Uncle Charlie's achievement

    Bryson and Aunt Erica

    Charlie - we are all so proud of you and this BIG accomplishment you have achieved. We are praying for the Lord to continue to bless you, Jessica, and Owen. And we pray you will find a job where the Lord can use you for His glory... We love you Uncle Charlie!

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Show Us Your Life - Your Kid's (or future kid's) Names

    This week's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner is baby names! I love baby names! I was one of those that dreamed up baby names as a little girl. My friends and I would get together and compare names during slumber parties. It was so much fun! Clay and I loved looking at names when we first got pregnant (I looked alot before then. ha!)

    We always wanted to use family names for a boy or girl. Our families are so important to us and it's nice to have something like that to carry on. Not to mention, I can't wait to tell or kids how we came up with their names!

    Our Boy Name
    Bryson Gregory

    It's so funny how we came up with the name Bryson. I had never heard of that name until I met Clay. He saw the name when he was younger while playing a playstation game. Kinda' funny! It was actually the last name of one of the players he played with on a football game. I wasn't to keen on the name at first, but it started growing on me towards the end of my pregnancy. For the middle name I wanted to incorporate a family name. Clay's dad's first name is Gregory and I loved the way it fit with Bryson.

    Our Girl Name
    Addison Grace

    I have always loved the name Addison. There is no family history with it, I've just always thought it was such a pretty name. The name Grace is a family name. It's my grandmother's name and ever since I was little I always wanted her name to be carried on because she is such a special person in my life and will never know how much she means to me. I spent many a summer's at her house learning how to bake and cook. She taught me alot!!!

    Clay and I have always wanted 3 children. So I I'm not too sure what we will do if the next one turns out to be another boy. Maybe I'll be able to find something I like on some of the other posts!

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    Shopping, Book Club, Cinco De Mayo, and Biggest Loser

    Today has been an exhausting day to say the least. Since our book club meeting was today I had several errands to run and a few things I was hoping to get accomplished without having the little man with me. I always LOVE having him around when I go out and about, but sometimes it's a challenge having a 9 1/2 month old on your hands who loves to talk really loud and every now and then has a few meltdowns when he doesn't get his way (I guess that would be my fault for spoiling him too much :) Not to mention, we don't really live that close to shopping areas (at least the ones I enjoy) so it makes it somewhat difficult...and i'm not lying when i say "going to town" is an all day event.

    I left a little early so that I could have time to stop by one of my favorite places to shop for Bryson...The Children's Place. I absolutely love the clothes they have for Bryson's age. And I am always able to find some really good sales too. It was my first trip to the one out on 280 and I was really impressed. They had alot of great selections and my 15% off coupon didn't hurt either. Ha! While I was looking around I heard someone call out my name and when I turned around I saw my cousin Crystal. I've haven't seen her in so long and it was so good to catch up and hear about what is going on with her and her family. I miss seeing her very much and I hope we can get together more often.

    I didn't have my camera with me so I was able to get any pictures while I was out. Bummer :(

    I was making really good time so I stopped into Old Navy next door and found the cutest dress on sale for $15

    I bought this one in a purple. I saw it on the manikin and thought it was a must have. I found a cute white tank to go underneath and I even thought about pairing it with some white leggins. I also saw this cute yellow dress that would be adorable to wear to the Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw concert next Friday. I didn't have time to try it on, so I think I might go back on Friday to see how it looks.
    I met up with Mary, Dorothy, and Donna for the book club meeting at Jackson's in Homewood. Such a great little place. I had the pimento cheese BLT...yummy is all I have to say. We all split this dessert, the Cookie Dough Egg Roll. Y'all this was SO GOOD. I have never had anything like it before. I could have eaten both of those egg rolls by myself. I have issues with sweets. HA!!! We also picked out another book...

    Dorothy has already started and it sounds like its going to be a good one. A real thinker. I hope I can handle it. I'm not a deep thinker!

    Mary and I did some shopping together after our meeting. We found some great sales and I really need to go shopping with Mary more often...she always seems to find the cutest things. I had a great time with her! She is always alot of fun to hang out with and has become one of my good friends.

    Clay and I took Bryson out for his first Cinco De Mayo dinner. We went to our favorite place, El Carreton. I honestly could eat mexican every day. Clay and I both had the steak supreme nachos...oh so good. I let Bryson eat the beans...

    This picture is a little blurry...if you can't tell this little mess had beans all over him. He loved them of course. He was so good while we ate. I had several people come up to me and tell me how cute and well behaved he was. Those are some of the greatest compliments I enjoy from strangers during this stage of Bryson's life. I'm such a proud little momma!

    So what did y'all think about the ending to the biggest loser last night? OMGoodness! I was very excited for both Stephanie and Sam.

    I've loved Sam and Koli from day one and to see that Stephanie had finally found "love", I couldn't be more happier for them. This is becoming one of my most favorite shows of all time. I can't watch one episode without crying.

    Hope everyone had a great Cinco De Mayo! We've got a busy next few days. So I will have lots to blog about :)

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