Monday, July 29, 2013

Bryson's 4th birthday baseball party

We had a wonderful birthday party celebrating Bryson's 4th birthday on Friday! I really can't believe I have a FOUR year old!!!

I new for a while that I wanted to do a baseball party theme. He loves baseball and I know there are only going to be a few more parties before he starts calling the shots. Ha!

I new I wanted my friend Sarah to design the invitations! Sarah has been doing lots of things for me over the last year and I have yet to be disappointed with anything she has done! Thank you again Sarah!!! :)

We had a very small party again this year. I decided to invite just family and keep it low key. And me being the crazy mama that I am also decided to have it at our house. I don't know what I was thinking.

From the moment we woke up on Friday it was all Bryson could talk about... "is it my baseball party today mama?" "When are my cousins going to get here?" "Is it ready yet?" Questions all day long!!! I know he was soooo ready to get the party started!

We served hot dogs, bratwursts, chips & dip, potato salad, fruit kabobs and fruit dip. On the desert table I had a cookie cake, watermelon, peanuts, liquorice, cracker jacks, and cookies designed by the AMAZING Holly.

I didn't do a great job taking pictures. I was a little upset with myself, but I think I was more concerned with having a good time and making sure Bryson had a "special" birthday party. That is one thing I realized while we were celebrating Jaxon's 1st birthday this past April. Time flies by. And it's not about getting that perfect picture or having the perfect themed party. It's about family and making memories and cherishing that time with your loved ones.

Bryson had an amazing day! I don't think it's one he'll forget anytime soon! Thank you to all of our family for making our little boys day so special!!!

Invitation: Sarah
Scoreboard DIY sign: here {I made mine a little different} 
Cookies: Holly
Peanut treat cone holder: inspired by {this was my favorite DIY project I did!}
Bryson and Jaxon's shirts: Zoey's Attic
Food Labels: me

Monday, July 22, 2013

monster faces

I wish I could remember each monster he named from Monster's University that went along with each "scary face."

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Dear Bryson~

Four years ago today I got a call from Dr. H telling me we would be welcoming you a day early. I frantically called your daddy informing him that he needed to hurry home so we could get ready to go to the hospital. I remember lying in that hospital bed that night scared to death, but also so excited to meet your sweet little face! I had waited over two years for this moment.

The day you were born I knew you would not be staying in the room with us. Because you were 4 weeks early due to some complications with mommy they had you stay in the NICU for a couple of days. I remember going to visit you for the very first time (I hadn't seen you in almost 9 hours) and I can remember being so overwhelmed with all these emotions. I was so eager to get to hold you and love on you.

We had good days and bad days in the beginning. One thing that sticks out in my mind was having to start adding cereal to your milk fairly soon because you never seemed satisfied. If you look back at your first few months you were a chunky monkey! :) And the toddler years, oye! Such a strong-willed little one you were and still are. 

I say this A LOT (probably because it's true), but you have made me grow in ways that I never imagined. You have taught me so much about myself and for that I am SO grateful! I love at the end of the day your daddy and I will sit on the couch and just laugh at something you had said or done that day. You are the funniest little boy I know!

You have grown by leaps and bounds this year. I watched you take on the role as a big brother and you owned it like a champ! You are always watching out for him and making sure his needs are met just like your own. I am in awe of the love you have for him and the rest of our family at such a young age. 

You are a passionate and strong-willed little son of a gun! When you have your heart set on something, you won't take no for an answer. I'm trying to learn how to parent these characteristics and it hasn't been easy. But that's okay because we are in this together and learning together. 

You are one of the smartest little boys I know! And I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother. You constantly amaze me at the things you can do, the stuff you remember, how you say/use certain words. I'm excited about you starting pre-school this year and watching you learn even more.

Bryson Gregory you have made me so proud! And I know you know that because you ask me all the time "mama are you so proud of me?" You are my miracle baby! The child I prayed so long to have. I know God has big plans in store for your life! You ARE going to do BIG things!!

Happy Birthday my sweet little man (tomorrow)!!

i love you to infinity and beyond ~ mama

Friday, July 19, 2013

a day to celebrate....just two weeks late

Better late than never right? We had such a wonderful time celebrating the 4th. It's one of those holidays that I look forward to every year. The food, the family and the fun were great! Not to mention any chance to dress my boys alike :)

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

jaxon {15 months}

I can't even being to tell you how fast this last month has gone by! You are growing like a little weed and coming into your own personality every day. I think I've finally come to the realization that time will never slow down! :(

You've been a busy little bee this month. We visited your Grandma Amy and Grandpa in Texas this month. You got to meet your great grandparents for the second time along with your Aunts. Of course they just loved you! We wish we could see them more often than we do.

While we were out visiting them you got in the pool for the very first time! I wasn't too sure how you were going to do since the last time we tried you screamed bloody murder. I think your daddy and I had you out there for over an hour. We were so happy you had such a good time. 

You love to talk on the phone or at least pretend to be talking to someone. If you see my phone laying around you'll go pick it up and put it to your ear and say "H-whoa!"

You have started taking a few steps here and there. I'm sure after we come back from the beach you'll be walking non-stop just like your brother did.

You have such a genuinely sweet personality. You have been that way since the day we brought you home. You march to the beat of your own drum.

As much as I hate to admit this, you LOVE the tv. Especially movies. Right now your really into Monster's Inc. and VeggieTales. Probably because that's what your big brother always requests.

I know I say this each and every month, but I am so in love with you! I'm so grateful that you belong to us! You complete our family in every way there is! I have been amazed watching you grow and learn these last 15 months.

~we love you to the moon and back~ mama, daddy and bubba

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jaxon's first dip in the pool

We left out for Texas on Monday to visit my dad and his side of the family. I plan to blog about our trip when we get back home, but I wanted to document Jaxon's first time in the pool.

At 15 months this little stinker finally got his first taste of the pool life...And I think he really enjoyed himself! While my dad and step-mom took Bryson to the movies Clay and I decided to get Jaxon in the pool. He seemed so happy the entire time he was in there.

And you can't have your first pool experience without getting it on video. :) And please excuse me and my southern Alabama voice!

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