Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's A......................................................

this post was originally written on Thursday, February 26th...

this has been one of the best days EVER!! clay and i have not been able to stop smiling at each other all day. we had a few bumps in the road, but this will be a day that we will always remember.

a BIG thanks to clay's cousin haley who was so kind enough to do the ultrasound for us.

clay was so nervous when we headed back to the room. he has always wanted a boy from the beginning and i must admit i was hoping for a little boy, but we both said as long as it is healthy we would be blessed no matter what the Lord gave us. i just couldn't wait to see the baby again on the screen:) i teared up watching our precious baby move around. seeing it's little hands and feet and getting to watch the heartbeat again. it was PERFECT!!

haley was so sweet to take all these pictures (by the way our computer is messed up and i can't load my cd with all the pics. so as soon as i can i will get the pics up!!) we got to see the baby on the screen for about 15 minutes. and let me just tell you we have one active little baby!!

telling all of our parents was great! i wrapped up a gift for them to open that told if the baby was a boy or girl. and then gave them a card with some pictures and the name we had picked out. i have to say that clay's dad, step-mom, and sisters had the best reaction. they were all so excited.
i'm sure you're wondering what the bumps in the road meant at the beginning of my post....... don't worry as far as we know everything with the baby is fine, but on the way down to see haley we had problems with one of the front tires (i think the tread was coming off of the tire) and it had to be changed. and on the 70 mile trip back home we hit a huge pot hole in the middle lane of 65North and the spare tire went flat:( thankfully we were only a mile from the exit where there was a big 10 tire. we went next door to Milo's and had some lunch and laughed about how some of the simplest things are never easy for us but it makes for a great story to tell down the road:)

oh - i guess ya'll are wondering what our precious baby is???

it's a...................................


clay screamed when she told us it was a boy!! and right when i saw him on the screen i knew. he made sure to show mommy and daddy that he was a boy!! i kinda' had a feeling from the beginning that it was a boy. and we could not be MORE EXCITED!!

this picture of his foot is one of my favorites!!

we can't wait to welcome Bryson Gregory in 6 short months. i am so ready for august to be here so i can spoil our little man!!

Thank You Lord - for this child i have prayed and the Lord has given me what i asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guacamole, Flutters, and a Heartbeat!

16 weeks
our baby is the size of an avocado!

we had another pregnancy milestone today at our doctor's visit. we were able to HEAR the heartbeat today!! Baby W is beating strong at 162bpm. it was such a wonderful sound to hear for the first time. i never realized how much i would enjoy hearing a beating little heart:) my weight is still an issue. when i went in today i had lost 2 more lbs. my doctor told me i should start feeling a little better in the next week and hopes that i will have gained more weight when i come for my next appointment in a month. guess i better start eating up!!

last night i was helping clay study for a test and all of a sudden i felt this sloshing (it's the only word i could think of) in my tummy. i wasn't sure if it was the baby or not, but come to find out my doctor confirmed to me today that YES that was the baby and what i was feeling were flutters. i guess that is another pregnancy milestone too!! i was so worried that i would miss that first flutter or kick. i can't wait for clay to start feeling what i'm feeling.

tomorrow's the other BIG day! we will know whether Baby W is a boy or a girl. i can't wait. i can finally start picking out colors for the nursery and all that other fun stuff!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First Big Baby Purchase

i finally purchased our crib today. i am so excited!! i can't wait for it to come in. i found it on thanks to my good friend heather. it was the first one i picked out when i started looking at cribs and surprisingly enough clay liked it too. i think it's the only thing so far that we have agreed upon when it comes to the baby. and for the BIG NEWS!! when i went to purchase it online today i noticed this pretty red banner that read FREE SHIPPING on orders $69 or more!! can i just say an answer to prayer and PRAISE THE LORD!! during this difficult time when alot of families are having to scrap up every penny they have (mine included) and with us also saving up for this new addition to our family i was SO thankful for this little extra help from JCPenny!! it surely made my day:)
well i've got a really busy next few days. tomorrow we are supposed to get to hear the heart beat and thursday we find out if Baby W is a boy or a girl:) better try and get some rest!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


mary @ running the halls gave me this honest scrap award. i love to get awards! well this is only the second one i've received, but i still love to receive them.
here are the rules: 1). list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep. 2). pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.
1. i am one of those people that you see and probably make fun of that sings at the top of her lungs while driving down the road. i love to sing and always have. and if i hear a song on the radio that i like and know the words too you can bet i'll be having a concert in my car:)
2. my junior year of high school my friend asked me to try out with her for the girls basketball team. i did and i was the only one that tried out that did not make the team. how embarrassing is that? i think my dad was pretty embarrassed himself seeing as he played basketball his whole high school career and got a scholarship to play basketball. needless to say i stuck with cheerleading!!
3. i am so OCD when it comes to folding towels. i like them folded and put up in the closet a certain way. my poor husband has tried several times to fold them but has since given up because i always go back and refold them.
4. at one time in my life i was a blonde. shocking i know. i went thru this phase in my early twenties where i wanted to die my hair blonde. of coarse my husband who was my boyfriend at the time loved it, but my brother always said i was going thru an early mid-life crisis.
5. i am a big fan of the Biggest Loser. and every tuesday night you can bet that at least three times while watching the show i will cry like a baby. my husband just sits there and makes fun of me, but i can't help it that show is so amazing and it is so awesome to watch the lives that are changed every week that goes by.
6. if i was not a nurse i would be a crime scene investigator. i LOVE CSI (all three of them to be exact) and i can't get over how cool their jobs are. don't get me wrong i love my job and helping kids, but come on who would not want a job where you get to try and figure out murders and get to play in a lab all day. FUN FUN FUN!!!
7. after high school i received a two year full paid scholarship to a local community college where i lived. after that i attended the University of Auburn where i changed my major FIVE times. that's right five times. and the sad part is i did not finish at Auburn. i went on to attend a two year college where i got my ADN in nursing. all in all that was 6 years of college for a two year degree.
8. my favorite food is mexican. i could eat it for every meal. there is an awesome place in Fort Worth, TX where my dad lives that is to die for. they have the best chips and salsa but for the life of me i cannot remember the name of the restaurant.
9. if i had the extra money i would buy a beach house and live there all summer. it's just always so relaxing and the views are amazing.
10. i am so excited about becoming a first time mom. i cannot wait for august to get here!! but i must admit that i am a little nervous. my husband and i are about to become responsible for a little baby girl or boy that will rely completely on us. and with all the stuff you read on the internet and see on the news about are immunizations safe for your child or should you feed your baby organic food verses conventional food? all these things that my mother twenty-seven years ago did not have to worry about, now i am having to question. and as a pediatric nurse i feel that i have a little more knowledge about certain things and feel responsible to know what is best for my child.
i only have 3 people to pass this along too:

heather, my friend and coworker
lianna, my blogger friend
jillian, my friend and coworker

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Fruity Baby

15 weeks
our baby is the size of an orange!!

still no weight gain:( but i'm sure that will pick up in the weeks to come. by the end of this week i hope to order our crib and by this time next week i will be posting whether it's a boy or a girl and our next md appointment in wednesday and we get to hear the heart beat for the first time. i can't wait!!! busy week next week.

did anyone get a chance to watch American Idol? we watched tuesdays and tonights episode all together. i have to admit that i skipped thru alot of the performances. i was not at all impressed with some of the contestants. but i do have a fav and he has been my favorite since day one.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Lesson

disclaimer: kinda long post. hope you can hang in there.
since this would be mine and clay's last valentine's day together without having to ask someone to keep our new baby (which i know would never be a problem in the future since there are so many grandparents to go around) we had planned to go out to the movies and then have dinner a PF Changs. now let me give you just a little background info. for the past 3 years we have stayed at home during valentine's day. clay will usually grill steaks and i will fix the sides and make a new dessert that will consist of some kind of chocolate:)

so when saturday rolled around we decided to go to an early movie and be at PF Changs around 5:00pm. at the time we thought this was going to be a great idea. we would beat all the traffic so we thought. WRONG!! after the movies i decided to make a quick stop by Cindy's Cinnamon Rolls and grab some of their awesome cinnamon sticks with that wonderful icing. we leave from there and get to PF Changs at 5:05pm. clay pulls up to the front of the restaurant and i get out and get in line behind a few other people. the parking lot is full but there are not to many people waiting to be seated so i thought the wait would not be that long. WRONG. when i get up to the counter i ask the nice gentleman how long the wait for two would be and then he proceeds to ask me if i had a reservation which i replied no. he then explained to me that the wait would be THREE HOURS! THREE HOURS?? and then mentioned that if we came back in THREE HOURS he could not guarantee that we would be seated at that time. i responded nicely to the gentleman and said that my husband would not go for that and sadly left. on the plan B.

not to far from our house there is a nice little Japanese restaurant called Bento. the food is fantastic and they serve you tons of it. so after waiting 30 minutes to get out of the Summit we head back towards home. we get off the exit and get to the restaurant to see that not a single car is in the parking lot and no lights are on. then my sweet husband makes this observation that there are no cans in the dumpster. LOL!! devastation has now set in. and i am getting this feeling we might not be eating at all tonight. well on the plan C.

after two failed attempts clay suggests that we try the other Japanese restaurant Stix's right down the road. i'm sure your wondering why all the Chinese/Japanese restaurants? well, probably because this pregnant woman who has not been eating all that well in the last few weeks was CRAVING this type of food. again, clay lets me out at the front and i stand in line behind a few other couples. i get to the desk and ask the nice lady how long the wait would be for two. do you have a reservation? if not the wait is THREE HOURS!! OMGoodness!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! i call my husband and let him know to get back in the car because we will be going back home. can i just say DISAPPOINTMENT!! our last Valentine's Day together before the baby and it just did not turn out the way we planned.

eventually we ended up calling in a pick up order to O'Charley's and had a nice sit down dinner at home.

lesson: from now on on Valentine's Day we will never NOT have a reservation!! i guess that's what you get when you have not been out on Valentine's Day in 3 years.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Growing Like A Lemon and Rivalry Week

14 weeks
our baby is the size of a lemon

i can't believe i'm in my 14th week. time goes by soooo fast!! i still haven't gained any weight and that is a little concerning. i've been lucky with not having any morning sickness which has been a blessing but i have had to force myself to eat since becoming pregnant. hopefully that will change in the weeks to come. i'm really looking forward to wearing all the cute maternity clothes i got from my cousin. thanks heather!!!

we are really excited about the BIG rivalry game tonight!! besides being HUGE auburn fans, clay is a big time duke fan and to keep things interesting around our house i am the north carolina fan:) this is one of the few rivalry games we LOVE to watch and it can get pretty heated up if things don't go a certain person's way. north carolina is favored by 2 points tonight and right now we are up by six. GO TARHEELS!!! oh and by the way our favorite commentator Dicky V is calling the game!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some of My New Favorite Things

all my life growing up i HATED WHOLE milk! i LOVED 2% milk, drank it all the time, even drank it with pizza ( i know you are now grossed out) but my mom and dad always made sure my brother and i had milk to drink. i can remember when we would go and visit my dad for the weekend, he would always buy a carton of 2% milk that was just for me. well let me just tell you that since becoming pregnant i CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF SOME WHOLE MILK!!! i can't believe what i have missed out on all these years.

i have always been a popsicle fan! and these little treats have been my go to snack when i have not felt like eating or when i get up in the middle of the day during my work week. plus they are FAT FREE!

last weekend my mom and i went to have my brides-maid dress altered and while we were near the Galleria she was so sweet to take me to Motherhood Maternity and buy me a pair of jeans. i have to say that these jeans are super comfortable. and my husband even complimented that they looked cute on me:) i wonder if it would be okay for me to wear these year round (LOL).

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