Monday, December 21, 2009

bryson gregory {5 months}

Guess What Bryson???

you are five months old today!

i can't believe how fast you are growing up. this time last year your daddy and i found out we were pregnant with you and we couldn't wait until the day that we would get to meet your precious little face. you are growing like a weed and changing everyday.

so what are you up to these days...

  • you weigh around 16lbs

  • you are 25 inches long

  • you are in size 2 diapers (you're on your last pack and then you'll be in size 3)

  • you still love gliding in your glider. i think if i let you, you could stay in it all day.

  • you are pretty much in size 6 months clothes. there are only a couple of 3-6 month outfits that you can get into.

  • you love to hear yourself talk. you get so excited when you hear yourself that you get louder and louder.

  • you constantly have your hands in your mouth (which drives mommy crazy). i've continually check to see if you have any teeth coming in, but none as of yet.

  • you still HATE lying on your tummy. the only time i can get you to is when you wake up at night and i'm trying to get you to go back to sleep. you will lay your head on my tummy and go right back to sleep.

  • you always have to hold mine or your daddy's finger when you are trying to go to sleep.

  • you are the happiest baby in the mornings. you just lay there and talk to yourself until we come and get you. i could listen to you all day :)

  • you have been on your first plane ride. you were the BEST baby. you sat in my lap the entire ride and looked out the window and slept most of the time.

  • we just started you on apple juice. of course you love it!

  • you are holding you head up very well. you really enjoy sitting in your Bumbo and playing with you toys. it won't be to long before you can sit up all by yourself.

  • you are doing pretty good eating your oatmeal with a spoon. some days are better than others:)

  • most of the time you have a smile on your face. and you giggle just cracks me and your daddy up. i think you will be the life of the party and make people laugh just like you paw paw and daddy.

  • you are my little social butterfly. so far you've never met a stranger. most of the time you will grin and laugh at everyone you meet. you are just like your daddy in that way!!!

you are growing up so fast. you have contiuned to bring much joy and laughter to mine and your daddy's lives. we LOVE you very much!!!

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