Sunday, September 27, 2009


i can't even begin to tell ya'll how fast these last 10 weeks has gone by. there are no words to describe how emotional i have been this last week knowing that i will be going back to work tomorrow. i had no clue it would be this hard!!

it seems like yesterday that i was getting to hold my son for the first time and that is a feeling that i will never forget.

i've had the time of my life these last two months. and i hope to one day get the chance to be a stay at home mom. there is nothing more rewarding!!!

bryson, i have had so much fun staying home with you. thank you for being such a blessing and bringing me much joy these last two months. i am really blessed to call you my son.


Monday, September 21, 2009

bryson gregory {2 months}

Bryson you are 2 months today!!!

so what have you been up too...
  • you love to be rocked. every night before bed we rock you - and when we put you down you get very fussy until you fall asleep.
  • you eat 6 - 7 times a day
  • you're still in size 1 diapers
  • you are starting to smile alot more. it's just the cutest thing :-)
  • you have started trying to talking to us - you coo and ahhh when you get excited - and you're trying so hard to talk back to us
  • you're in size 3 month clothes
  • you have such a fascination with ceiling fans. you could watch them spin for hours
  • you are such a wonderful baby... you only cry when you're hungry or dirty!
  • you like listening to praise music - it helps you fall asleep.

have i grown at all?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Couldn't Think Of A Title

WOW!!! how fast did the weekend go by? well, i'm officially 7 days away from going back to work. i can't even begin to describe how fast 10 weeks has gone by. seems like yesterday i was taking my maternity leave. before i know it Bryson will be in college :(

the W clan had a great weekend. so much to blog about...

Bryson is doing so good with holding his little head up. i'm such a proud little momma!!! he is just changing everyday. i can't believe he'll be 2 months tomorrow. my time off with him has really gotten away from me. you can bet i'll be soaking up every single second of this week loving, hugging, kissing, rocking, and playing with him.

so on friday clay and i had our first night out without our little man. my in-laws were nice enough to keep bryson (not that they would have ever said no) while clay and i met up with some friends of ours at Red Lobster. for some reason i've been craving coconut shrimp. and of course you can't leave out the delicious cheese biscuits.

jonathan, kristie, me and clay

you might be able to see the to go box in front of clay. would you believe that we left it sitting there in that exact spot. i can't believe i forgot all that extra shrimp and we even had a few biscuits left over. i can really tell i'm becoming a mom. this is the 2nd day in a row i have forgot something. gonna have to start writing stuff down. HAHA!!! not to mention that i was missing my little boy and couldn't wait to get back home :-)

me and kristie

she had on the cutest dress. it was auburn's colors (blue and orange)!!! she got it at lotus boutique in the galleria and for only $20. i've got to go and check it out. i'm desperate for some new auburn gameday attire.

saturday we hung around the house. it rained just about all day. so it was a great day for us to watch the college football games and lounge around.

man the tigers had clay and i on the edge of our seats. and i can't even begin to explain how difficult it is to scream and jump up and down silently because you have a baby sleeping in the next room.
i didn't dress bryson up for this game. so no pics. he didn't even get a chance to watch this game since it started late due to the rain.

wanna guess where we went today...

if you guessed church, congratulations!!!

i was so glad to finally get back to sunday school and church. i've missed it very much. the lesson in sunday school, the worship, and the sermon was just what i needed to hear. God always knows exactly what we need to hear at the right time.
we let bryson stay with us the whole time. and all i can tell you was he was an absolute angel! our little boy slept through Drew's entire sunday school lesson (sorry drew). he woke up right before church service started. but i was already prepared with the bottle and burp cloth handy. he never once cried and i only had to leave once to change his diaper.

well i can tell this post is getting a little too long. we had another first today, but i will share that with ya'll tomorrow. it's thundering pretty loud outside and i can foresee my little one waking up soon!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All By Myself

can i just say rain, rain go away!!! i think it has been raining for a straight week and forecasters are calling for rain this weekend and through all of next week. such a bummer!! and i'm going to go ahead and predict that a week from this monday when i go back to work, the sun will shine ALL week. trust me when i tell you it happens ALL the time (stephanie, mary, heather...ya'll know what i'm talking about)!!!

today bryson and i met up with my sweet friend stephanie. we had lunch at El Carreton, that awesome mexican restaurant that clay and i took my dad to last weekend. i'm telling ya'll i could eat there everyday for the rest of my life. but if you ever come to alabama and are up around the northern part of birmingham you need to check this place out. the food is so good there that i have their number stored in my contacts on my cell phone:)

how cute is that little girl? she kept looking at bryson and smiling. too cute!!

the owner of the restaurant was so sweet to take our picture. i think he took it about 5 times. i'm very picky when it comes to pictures. plus it didn't help that stephanie and i kept blinking our eyes. but he was such a good sport about it.

i have to brag just a little. the waiters and waitress and a few of the customers just went on and on about bryson. of the course the number one comment people make is about his hair!! (gets that from his momma:) and i really hate that i didn't get bryson's picture made with the waiters. wouldn't that have made such a cute pic? HA!!!

i think steph and i are going to try and make this a little tradition. we don't live very far from one another and her son and daughter are in school right now (by the way...want to say hey to mary kate. i hear your mom lets you read my blog:) can't wait till she lets you babysit bryson!!! but since i work every other week it would be alot of fun to get out of the house and take bryson out and just have a little girl talk.

stephanie...thanks so much for getting together with us. bryson and i had a blast.

well since i was already half way towards birmingham i had made plans to stop by babies r us and purchase a few things. i had one big purchase to make before i go back to work and i was just hoping that it would be at the store.

i've been researching all the breast pumps and finally decided on this one. this pump is similar to the one i used while i was in the hospital. the only difference is that it is a single. but it's very portable and will be easy for me to take to work. and it was $100 less than the double pump.

even though i was not able to breastfeed bryson due to him being in NICU, i have been extremely proud of myself for continuing to pump and giving him strictly breastmilk. with the economy like it is, breastmilk is just so more economical. i hope to be able to pump for a year. and though it was been very tiresome at times it has been well worth it.

so i realized right before i got to the checkout line that i forgot my 15% off coupon. can i say devastated!!! 15% off that purchase along with my other coupons would have been huge. needless to say i was ticked off with myself. but i guess i have alot more important things to think about now:)

since i was pretty bummed out about the whole coupon thing i stopped by my favorite place and purchased my favorite drink. sonic's cherry limeade!! YUMMY!!! i even splurged and got the large. was a bit disappointed when i got to the drive thru to pay and i was 2 minutes late for happy hour. man can i not catch a break??

next i stopped in at krystal's for their new delicious desserts...sweet bites! all i can say is they are like hot krispy kreme doughnuts shaped in a little ball. a taste of heaven with powdered sugar on top :-)

i ended up keeping bryson out for 4 hours and it went SOOOO well. he is an amazing little traveler. he loves car rides and i think he even likes riding in the buggy!! i'll make sure to take a picture next time. overall we had a great mommy-son time and i have alot more confidence in myself to take him out alone. makes me wish i would have done it a little sooner.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Wishes!!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Aunt Erica. Happy Birthday to you!!

congrats aunt erica on turning the BIG 21 this past monday. we love you very much and wish you lots of love and happiness this year!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why I Love This Time Of Year

it's that time of year. we are just days away from the start of the fall season. YEAH!! the leaves are beginning to change. the weather is starting to cool down. college football is in full swing. and i'm all revved up for the 2009 television fall line up.

right now i'm in the middle of one of mine and clay's favorite shows...

and i am very excited to see dan back. he was my favorite contestant last season. i think this is going to be one of the best seasons. all of the contestants have such amazing stories. i can already tell that i will be crying ALOT this season.

i was so thrilled to find out during the summer that so you think you can dance would be on again this fall. the first show premiered last week and i can already tell this is going to be another awesome season. clay literally hates this show. i've never really understood why he hates it so much. he's never around the television while i'm watching it. but i think it's just amazing at what these guys and girls can do. it makes me wish that i would have taken some sort of dance lessons when i was a little girl.

okay i know this show is a little high schoolish, but i've been hooked since season 1. reminds me somewhat of saved by the bell. i almost missed the season premier last night. that goodness i stumbled upon it only 1 hour before it started!! it was a great first show and it always leaves me wanting more.


the office, grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, and private practice are just a few of shows i'll be watching this season.

i'm sure i've left out a show or two. i'm in television show overload. i really don't think i can take on any other shows. but i'm sure something will reel me in. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

first of all... i just realized that my last post was my 100th. whoop-whoop :-) it's funny to look back and see what i rambled about when i first started my blog. i did alot of blogging about my coupon savings and now it's all about my little boy. it's amazing how things can change in a year. i have so many blessings to be thankful for and praise God everyday for my little miracle in the other room!!

i can't believe that i haven't posted one picture of all three of us. to be honest the last 7 weeks i really haven't looked appropriate enough for my picture to be taken. i would hate to scare ya'll. LOL!!

my dad came into town from the big state of Texas this weekend. it's been almost 2 months since he had seen Bryson. he just went on and on about how big he had gotten. and i have to agree. our little boy is getting so big so FAST!! i hate that my step-mom wasn't able to come. i heard she had some house work to do (bummer). we missed you Amy. Bryson hopes you can visit next time :)

my dad and i are BIG mexican food lovers. we have a great little mexican restaurant near our house and when dad comes to visit it's a must that we eat there at least once.

this was Bryson at the restaurant. it was SO loud in there. Bryson likes noise, but i don't think he likes it that loud :) clay and i have taken Bryson to this restaurant before, but there weren't as many people. actually i think we were the only ones in the place and Bryson slept the entire time. but i don't think it helped matters that we were sitting next to the kitchen this time.

congrats to the Auburn Tigers for another awesome win Saturday. here we are in our gameday attire. i actually bought that shirt i have on the night before. i have no idea what happened to all my auburn shirts. knowing me i probably gave them to the goodwill because i was trying to make room for other stuff :)

this is Bryson with his uncle tommy and aunt michele (my brother and sis-in-law). if you can't tell they are BIG Bama fans. i'm actually the only one in my family that is an Auburn fan. and everyone knows Bryson is NEVER aloud in ANY alabama outfits. just a friendly reminder to grandmaw!! and i'm going to have to keep and eye on aunt michele. i heard her teaching Bryson how to say roll tide. those are considered dirty words in the W house. we had a great time watching the games and grilling out. we need to do it more often.

i'll leave ya'll with this picture. i think i told ya'll in a previous post that Bryson likes to bust out of his miracle blanket. well this is a pic from tonight. clay about killed me when i went into the bedroom and snapped this pic. we had just spent the last hour trying to get Bryson to sleep.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Progress

so i have a confession to make. i'm not sure if i have already mentioned this, but since we brought Bryson home we have let him sleep in the bed with us at night. i mean look at his precious little face (he was 5 days old when this picture was taken). how could you not want him sleeping next to you every night!!

well this week i have finally let loose of the cord. since monday night he has been sleeping in his pack n' play. he has done a great job with a little help from the miracle blanket (thanks stephanie)!
this little jewel has been my saving grace these last few nights. clay hates it and calls it Bryson's straight jacket..ha!! but this blanket really works. he has been sleeping 4-5 hours each night, just like when he was in the bed with us. there's been a few nights that he has busted out with his legs :) but honestly i think this really comforts him at night and this would have to be one of my recommendations for first time mommies!!

so since i'm going back to work in less than 3 weeks i also thought i would try and start letting Bryson take one nap a day in his room. he's been doing great with this too:) yesterday was our first attempt and he lasted about 45 minutes.

today was ALOT better! he was able to sleep in his big boy bed for 1 1/2 hours. clay and i only had to go in there once each to put his paci back in his mouth.

doesn't he look just adorable in his little romper? this was one of the many outfits that my cousin heather gave to us.

better get in the bed. i'll get about 2 or 3 hours before the little one wakes up.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go!

today i got Bryson out for the first time all by myself :-) it was kinda' a big deal for me because i have been so nervous to 1) take him out anywhere since he was born 3 weeks early and had to spend some time in NICU due to his lungs. and with the whole swine flu going around we just can't afford for him to get sick. 2) afraid that i won't be able to handle him all on my own. what if he screams bloody murder like he's done a few times in the last 7 weeks. and you have all these people staring at you wondering what in the world you are doing to your baby or their thinking would you please take that baby somewhere else!!

but alas we did venture off today to go and see my grandparents. they only live about 15 minutes away and i thought this would be a good starting point (i'm taking baby steps).

Bryson did great :-) he LOVES car rides and i timed it just perfect arriving to their house. Bryson was just waking up and ready to eat.

this is Bryson and his great grandmother.
she went on and on about how pretty he was and how much he looks like his mother (AWH!!) she brought out some old pictures and as i was thumbing through them i saw my hospital picture and i have to side with my grandmother. my sweet little boy looks very much like his momma. RELAX clay, i think he looks a lot like you too:)

this is Bryson with his great granddaddy.
Bryson was so sweet. he just laid in my grandfather's lap for about an hour. my grandfather was so proud and just kept telling me what a handsome boy he was. and said how he's going to grow up and be a wonderful young man.

we were able to spend about 2 hours with them. it's been about 5 weeks since they have seen him and they were so amazed at how big he had gotten. my little boy is growing up SO FAST! i'm trying so hard to soak up every minute with him over the next 3 weeks. i'm DREADING going back to work. every night i rock him to sleep i just tear up and pray that these next few weeks will go by very slow.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


momma and daddy i'm all pooped out!!

what a busy weekend we had. my aunts came over from Texas and spent the weekend with us. this was their very first time meeting Bryson. it was great having them over. they even made clay and i breakfast this morning before they left and it was fabulous:) pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. YUMMO!!! i'm hoping to get out there in the next few months for my grandmother's birthday and so that my grandparents can meet the little man. Texas is a LONG trip with a 3 month old, but i believe we can handle it.

this was also opening weekend for college football. can we say WAAAARRRR EAGLE!!! and a big shout out to all the other SEC teams that also won. this was Bryson's first Auburn game experience at his PawPaw and Nana's.

Nana did an awesome job decorating the table. And the food was so delicious!! Dips and hot wings galore.

here is the 3 generations of W men. can't you tell they are all HUGE tiger fans? i have my PawPaw wrapped around my finger.

this is me with my aunt erica and her sweet boyfriend seth.
erica bought seth his first auburn t-shirt. seth is from the Vol State (not a big Tennessee fan. I hear he pulls for the Titans). but when you are at my in-laws house it's a rule that you HAVE to have on some type of Auburn attire.

tonight was bath night. Bryson loves his bath. he has come along way since our first week home when we were having to do sponge baths. i cannot wait until he is able to splash around and play with all his toys.
today our friends Shawn and Katie stopped by on their way home. they haven't seen him since our first week home. Bryson has gotten so big since his first week home. his uncle shawn put him right to sleep and his aunt katie was so sweet to sing to him. she has an amazing voice. they actually sang at our wedding and all i can say is what a blessing. that had to be one of the best memories of our wedding for me.

hope ya'll had a great weekend. we're hoping to get Bryson out to church within the next few Sunday's. i'm MISSING me some church and worship. i can't wait to get back. and i think i'm going to venture out with Bryson this week. i have plans to visit my grandparents and take a few walks around the neighborhood if it will ever stop raining. i'm going stir crazy being at the house for the last 7 weeks.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Touchdown Auburn!!!

guess who's ready for AU football season?

it's that time again!!!!

i can't believe football season is finally here. most of ya'll that know clay and i know we are HUGE Auburn Tiger fans! and this year the season is so much better because we get to share our love of the AU Tigers with our little man.

we get SOOOOO crazy around our house during football season that we have 3 tv's in our living room all playing different games on saturday. and what's sad is that my living room is painted auburn blue and has auburn pics hanging up on the walls. all i have to say is MAN CAVE!! (you girls at work now know why i want to get a new house so bad:-)~

i'm actually getting ready to go out to try and find something cute for Bryson to wear for his 1st AU football game. if you can't tell in the pic that is the same outfit we had Bryson's hospital pics made in and is what he came home in. he is busting out of it now. (what can i say we are raising a future AU linebacker. HAHA!!)

tomorrow for the game we are heading over to his PawPaw and Nana's house. my in-laws are BIG AU fans like us and Bryson's PawPaw said he HAD to watch his first game with him!!

i think when i get back from shopping i'm going to check out BooMama's blog.

she is having a Dip Blog Tour and i'm sure i'll be able to find tons of recipes for the upcoming season!!


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