Friday, December 31, 2010

2010...What a Busy Year!

Started out 2010 with the sweetest and cutest five month old. I can't even imagine him being that small now. Where does the time go?

We finished the month of January up with Bryson's baby dedication. I remember being a little emotional that day. For a long time I wondered if Clay and I would be able to stand up in front of our church and make a promise to our friends and family that we would raise our baby up believing and following the Lord.

Bryson got to see his first snow in February. I know he won't remember it...but I'll always have the pictures to prove it. ha!!

We celebrated Bryant's 1st birthday on 3/1. This was Bryson first birthday party :)

My baby came out with a head full of hair and never really lost it all. So we had his first haircut at age 8 months. And we haven't slowed down since. To date we have had 4 haircuts! Crazy!!!

Our first Easter as a family of three!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bryson at 9 months. It's sooo his personality!

My first Mother's Day. Such a special day!

We had alot going on in the month of June...
Bryson's first time in the pool. I think he thought he was in a BIG bathtub. We had so much fun that day.

We celebrated the birth of my first nephew Owen. We were all very excited when we found out Jessica and Charlie were having a boy. We just new that Bryson and Owen would be best buddies when they got older.

Clay's first Father's Day! These two are inseparable. They really are like peas and carrots.

This is my favorite picture of me and Bryson. Bless his heart...can you tell he needs another haircut? ha!!

Celebrated 4th of July with LOTS of family and friends.

Our family on Bryson's first birthday!

This was another special day that I will never forget! I was excited to celebrate our little boy's birthday with all our family and close friends. My baby will always know he is loved by so many people.

In August we took our first family trip to the beach. Clay and I are hoping to make this something we do as a family every year.

I think this was the only time Bryson enjoyed himself in the sand. We spent ALOT of our vacation by the pool!

In September Aunt Erica married Uncle Seth. I didn't have a good picture of Bryson in his tux's, but he looked so adorable.

At 14 months Bryson started taking his first steps. I can't believe I was able to get it on camera. And of course he has been no stop ever since.

We spent alot of our time reading this year. Bryson loves trying to read to you and always asking people "wanna read?"

Bryson's first time to experience a high school football game. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard as I did that night over my son. As you can see in this picture he took it upon himself to direct the band from where we were sitting. ha!

Had our first boy-girl dinner date with my friend Michelle's daughter, Avery. This little girl is absolutely precious. I just love her and her mom!

Had our first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Another sweet picture of my baby in his Halloween costume.

Another thing we have been working on this year is learning to brushing our teeth. It's been a challenge to say the least.

Us on Thanksgiving. This is the start to my favorite time of the year. I love being around our families and all the good food. ha!

This was our second year visiting with Santa. I really couldn't believe how well Bryson did this year.

Bryson got his first boo-boo one week before Christmas.

We had a very Merry Christmas!
We have been very blessed this year! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. The saying is true...time flies as you get older. Life these days seems so fast paced. I hope in 2011 I can learn to slow down. I want to remember every moment good and bad. I hope and pray you and your families had a wonderful 2010 and have a blessed 2011!
***I know I haven't posted anything on our Christmas. I left my camera at my parent's house and just got it back. I will try and post as soon as a I can***

Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

It's Christmas Eve night and we just wrapped up my mom's family dinner. The food was wonderful. I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow! I hate that I have to spend this time of year at work, but in 2 more years I'll be off for 7 years in a row...the benefits of working 7on 7off!

Kadyn was giving Bryson a hug. Don't think Bryson knew what to think...he is usually the one giving out the hugs.

Bryson with his PawPaw and Grandmother

My brother and SIL. Oh how I can't wait til they become parents. That child will be spoiled by this Aunt:)

My mom gave Bryson a gift to open (it was actually for our family, Elf on a Shelf)...he was being so careful trying to open it. So sweet!!

Me with my grandparents. So thankful to spend another Christmas with them.

I have no clue what Bryson thought was so funny, but I just had to put this one in!

Brother and Sister

Our entire family
My Uncle takes our picture every year. A family tradition we started years ago. Always fun to see how our family grows each year.

After we got home I had to hurry and get ready for work, so Clay was sweet enough to wrap up some presents for Christmas morning.

Santa came to our house a few minutes early tonight. Can't wait to see how Bryson will react in the morning. I hope I can get home before he wakes up.

Twas the Day Before Christmas

We started out this morning at Clay's grandparent's house for breakfast. Since Clay and I have been together I have always enjoyed Christmas Eve mornings. We always have lots of breakfast food and we eat til we are sick to our tummy's. Casseroles, eggs, biscuits, bacon...I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it. ha!

Me and my man!

Bryson and Bryant. They were so cute eating in their chairs together. Of course my baby only wanted to eat the strawberry muffins. Bryant is such a better eater than Bryson. We was eating tomatoes and biscuits and gravy. I wish Bryson had those eating habits.

Clay's cousin Casey and his wife Carol

Nikki and Matt

Uncle Steve and Grandmother

The two boys were sitting on the window seal calling for Dixie...that's the next door neighbors dog. It was the cutest thing! Ya'll should have seen all of us with our camera's out taking pictures of them. Bryson loves when Pop takes him outside so he can see Dixie!

Aunt Sherry, Uncle Carl, Bryant, and Haley

Bryant opening his presents

Bryson tearing into his :)

He was so excited about this Elmo umbrella! He would carry it around like it was his can...hilarious!

Bryson was so excited about his Handy Manny. This one was actually for Bryant...he got two of them and Bryson started pitching a fit wanting to know where his was. Luckily Mimi had his out in the car, so they let Bryson have one of Bryant's.

I thought this picture was just adorable! Can ya'll tell he really like Handy Manny?

Keff and Danielle

Grandmother and Pop.
I say this alot, but I don't know what I would do without these two wonderful people. They have helped Clay and I so much with Bryson since Clay has been in school. We love them very much:)

Later this afternoon, Mimi can over and we celebrated Christmas with her. She got Bryson the Leap Frog Learn and Groove Music Table. I think I was more excited about the gift that Bryson. ha! But I think it's something he will enjoy.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. Think I'm going to try and catch a nap before we head out to my Aunt's for dinner.

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