Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun Weekend

saturday clay and i started on Bryson's room. i want to wait until it is finished before i post any pics. so the surprise will have to wait:) i am really excited about getting the room ready. it has been so much fun to pick out colors and furniture and all the other decorations!! i can't wait til Bryson gets here and fixing up the nursery only makes me want him here sooner.

we took a break that evening and had a date night. a couple of weeks ago my friend mary told me that one of the comedians that clay and i LOVE was coming into town. Jon Reep is one of mine and clay's favorite comedians and he was also the winner of last comic standing in 2007. so of course i had to purchase tickets for the show. and to top it all off my sweet mother-in-law had given us a gift certificate to the OG (olive garden) on valentine's day and you know we used it saturday!! i think Bryson loves the OG. especially the chicken alfredo and salad and of course the breadsticks!!! who doesn't?

these are a couple of pics from the last part of his act. i have to admit i was a little nervous to take any pics. i wasn't sure if you were aloud to take pictures inside, but when i saw others snapping away i thought i would try and get a few of my own. our seats were great and i don't think i have laughed that hard it a while. a few times i almost tinkled in my pants:) hahaha!! clay really enjoyed himself and i was sooo glad! he has been working very hard the last few months with school and work and now with Bryson's room and i was glad he had a chance to get out have a good time. i actually think he laughed harder than me:) we finished up the night with Krispy Kreme! YUM-O!! HOT ORIGINAL GLAZED DOUGHNUTS!!! need i say more?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Half Way There!!!

20 weeks
our baby is the size of a carrot!

today we had our 20 week ultrasound and received confirmation that baby bryson is indeed a boy!! he has grown so much. right now he weighs 11 ounces and his heart beat measured at 150bpm. all his organs look great and are developing like they should. i have been feeling great these last few weeks. i have gained a total of 3lbs and was told to get on the ball with my eating and gaining weight:)
we are starting on the nursery this week and i will blog more about that in the days to come!! i promise to post some of the pics from today's ultrasound as soon as i can.

i'm a little late in getting this out, but i just wanted to remind everyone that lianna is having a GIGANTIC GIVEAWAY that ends this week. the prizes are awesome and all donations go towards helping lianna and her hubby with their ivf. you can click on the button above and see more of the prizes that are up for grabs!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19 Weeks

19 weeks
our baby is the size of a mango!

this is NOT my best picture:) i was in a hurry to get to work and had clay take it really fast. bryson is still moving like crazy! still just flutters, but i can't wait for clay to start feeling him move. quick story, when i got into work today another co-worker and i compared pregnancy pics from when she was 20 weeks (she is 31 weeks now) and can i just tell you how much bigger i am than her. it kinda' made me think i might have two little ones in there. we've checked and there is only ONE!!

so glad that allison was not the one to get booted off idol tonight! i love this girl. she has become my favorite and my pick for the
top 3!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Having To Say Goodbye

wednesday. march 11. 2009, it was a cloudy and breezy day in northern alabama with temperatures a bit cooler than it had been in the past few days. clay came home from school to find his pregnant wife STILL in the bed at 1:00pm. i rolled out of bed, threw on some old clothes and we headed outside to finish our goodbyes with a good friend. this friend has been with us for the last 3 years. i think we've been great parents to Ole' Blackie, we have provided her with a roof over her head, fed her, given her a bath, and even taken her to the doctor when she needed it. but the time had come for us to say goodbye. i knew this was going to be hard for clay. these two had been such great friends over the last 3 years and he loved Ole' Blackie a lot. but we knew this day would come when we got her.

this is clay giving her a bath before we had to turn her in:)

this is Ole' Blackie all cleaned up. bless her heart she has no idea what is about to happen. she has no clue that her parents are about to have to turn her back in:)

Blackie you have been a reliable friend and we shared many memories with you that we will never forget. but your lease has run out and daddy and mommy must give you back. just know that we will miss you very much!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

18 Weeks

18 weeks
our baby is the size of a sweet potato

i finally feel like i am showing! i have really noticed a difference in my tummy over the last week. last friday at my brother's rehearsal my mother was shocked when she saw me. it's been a few weeks since we have seen each other and she kept rubbing my tummy and telling me how cute i looked:)
baby bryson is moving like crazy! he has been a lot more active over the last couple of days. i have to tell ya'll that over the weekend on the way to my brother's wedding i don't think baby b liked riding in the car for over 3 hours. by the end of the trip i was SO carsick. but hey that's okay because i have enjoyed every single moment of this pregnancy and would be willing to be sick everyday just to have this chance to become a mother!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Goin' To The Chapel...

will be away from blogger land for a few days! my little brother is tying the knot this weekend in monroeville, so clay and i will be leaving early this afternoon. i will try and be better at taking pictures and should have alot to blog about when we get back since my dad, step-mom, grandparents, and aunts will be in town from texas!!

hope everyone has a great weekend. and a BIG shout out to all my girls at work on the night shift. Love Ya!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet As An Onion!

17 weeks
our baby is the size of an onion!

my scrubs make me look a little bigger than i really am!! i have only gained 2lbs and last week i got in trouble by my doctor for loosing weight. she said that if i haven't started gaining weight in the next couple of weeks i would need to start drinking my calories:( which means drinking breakfast shakes. can we say NASTY!! needless to say i was thrilled with the 2lb weight gain! baby bryson is moving like crazy. i can't wait to see him again on march 25th when we have our next ultrasound. clay and i are going to have to act surprised all over again when they tell us if it is a boy or girl!!

here are a few pics of baby bryant. he is on the nasal cannula now. they had to put him under the bili light which was to be expected since he was born early. haley will get to come home tomorrow. i know she is going to hate to leave him. clay and i hope to get a chance to see them on friday on our way down for my brothers wedding. our family is so excited that he is doing well and are very grateful for all the prayers that have been lifted up for this precious little baby.

Snow On The Ground!

okay! so i'm a little behind with this post but i really wanted to show you these pics that i took on sunday from the blizzard 2 inches of snow that fell that got everyone in alabama SO excited!! it's actually been quite a while since i have seen snow stick to the ground and stay for more that 30 seconds. the last time i can remember it snowing was the BLIZZARD OF 1993! they cancelled school for a week:) we got to stay with my grandparents for 3 or 4 days. i remember my brother and i using a garbage can lid for a sled and my grandmother making homemade biscuits over the fireplace. great memories!!

i have to admit that i was a little sceptical at first when The Spann (hometown meteorologist) came on the tv and predicted snow and that it would accumulate and produce about 2 inches or more on the ground. but low and behold at about 7am on sunday morning i woke up to snow falling and sticking to the ground:) it was not much, but it was enough for this crazy girl to whip out her camera and take pics.

this is clay and i on our way to church. i was so excited that he did not have to work and we got to go to church together for the first time in almost a year!!

this is a pic of me and my friend Kristie at church. she was just as excited as i was about all the snow!!

by the time church let out the sun was shining and most of all the snow had melted away. i have to say i was a little bummed out. oh well, it was pretty while it lasted!! this was what was left of the snow from my back deck.

sorry i went a little overboard with all the pics, but i just couldn't help myself. there are not many times in the deep south of alabama we get to enjoy snow on the ground. i'm a little jealous of those of you who get to see the snow more often. maybe i could talk clay into moving up north:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Haley and Baby

haley delivered baby bryant by c-section yesterday at 5:34pm. mom and baby are doing well. her mom and step-dad made it to the hospital right as they were bring bryant by in the incubator to take him to nicu. bryant weighed in at 2lbs 14oz. he is currently on the cpap machine and we were told that he will have to stay in nicu for at least 9weeks. the doctors told us that bryant did fair overnight.

haley is doing well today! she got to hold bryant for the first time today and he fell asleep while she was holding him. haley might be able to go home as early as tomorrow or wednesday. she only lives about 5minutes from the hospital which is a blessing. she has still not made a decision on when she will go back to work. she only gets 6weeks for maternity leave and i don't think she wants to use up all her time before bryant gets to come home.

please continue to pray for haley's healing and baby bryant. he has a long road ahead of him, but our family has faith that the Lord is the Great Physician and He will heal this precious baby and bring him home soon!!

thank you all again for your prayers! i will keep you posted as i get updates.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


please pray for my husband's cousin haley. she is the one who did our ultrasound on thursday and she went into labor this afternoon. she is not due for another 2 months. i don't have all the details. clay and i are on our way to the hospital and i will update you as soon as i can. also pray for her mother and step-father who are about 3hours away!

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