Saturday, November 21, 2009

bryson gregory {4 months}


you are four months old today!!!

what have you been up to these days???

  • You turn to look at us when you hear our voices in the room. Especially when it's your daddy. You are always so excited to see him when he comes home from school. You just smile and do this screaming noise. You love him very much!!!

  • You have started giggling - it's the cutest thing EVER!!! You do it the most during bath time. Your daddy and I have tried to get you on recording several times, but you immediately stop when you see the camera.

  • You have learned to grab - Your favorite is my hair and your passy.

  • You are 25 inches long

  • You are in 3-6 months size clothing and wearing size 2 diapers.

  • You weigh 15lbs.

  • You are still taking four 7oz bottles every day.

  • You constantly chew on your fingers. You also like to grab and mine and your daddies and chew on them. I thought you might be teething - I checked the other day and none as of yet.

  • You enjoy riding in the car. You like playing with your froggy - and 99% of the time you fall asleep.

  • You are the happiest first thing in the mornings. You just smile so big and you are always SO excited to see me and your daddy!!!

  • You still love your bath. You kick and throw your hands up in the air, making splashes and waves in your tub.

  • You absolutely HATE being on your tummy. You pitch a fit every time. I feel bad for making you upset - but you'll thank me one day :)

  • You are the LOVE and JOY of mine and your daddy's lives!!! You are growing up so fast.

  • Monday, November 16, 2009

    Spoon Feeding Gone Crazy!

    oh my gosh - i can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since i last posted. i must admit that the blog has been put on the back burner. still adjusting to the new schedule. you would think i should be a pro by now - oh well!

    if you can't tell by this picture, we started spoon feeding rice cereal today. i think i laughed more today than i have in quite awhile. Bryson kept looking at me like i was crazy. i'm sure he was thinking "mommy what in the world are you doing feeding me with this blue like contraption. where is my bottle? this is NOT our usual routine!!!" towards the end he seemed to be getting the hang of it and cereal wasn't running all down his face. LOL! there were a few times i had to give him his passy so he would attempt to swallow. have any of you other moms had to do that? and if ya'll have any good tips, PLEASE pass them my way!!!

    so usually clay will give Bryson his bottle in the mornings if he does not have class. he's been really good with helping me out since i get home so late at night from work. well today, all i can say is daddy decided to sit this one out and i know he's secretly praying that Bryson will be somewhat use to this new way of eating by next week when mommy has to go back to work.

    i did the rice cereal again in place of his dinner bottle and this is what i dealt with the entire time...

    hands all in the mouth!!! after i would get the spoon in his mouth he would instantly start sucking on those two fingers. we battled for a few minutes and by the end of this feeding...

    Bryson had had enough.

    i've gotta' say that the Lord has blessed me with patience when it comes to Bryson (not so much with other things in my life. hahaha)!!! i just look at this as another milestone that we are getting to and during these times i really try and take in every minute. Bryson will be 4 months on saturday and he's growing up SO SO fast. i truly have alot to be thankful for during this season in my life and with all that is going on in the world today.

    GOD IS GOOD!!!

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