Wednesday, June 17, 2009

32 Weeks

32 weeks!!!
Bryson should weigh about 3.75lbs by now. which is the size of a large jicama. if you're wondering that is another name for a yam or mexican turnip. :) kind'a funny!!!

i went in to see my doctor today and i am measuring right where i should be. i had some more labs drawn again and i hope to know something by tomorrow or friday about the results. it looks like our little boy will be here in 5 more weeks (YIKES!!!) i have so much to get done in such a short little time. but we are SOOOOO excited to meet him and can't wait for him to be here!!!

i have started getting into that nesting mode. of course i know that the nursery will more than likely not be ready before he comes, but i have been online and in the stores gathering all of the essentials that we will need for his arrival. just have a few more things to check off the list and then i think i will feel a little more at ease.

and can i just mention my new favorite sandwich from subway. have any of you tried the sweet onion chicken teriyaki? OMGOODNESS in my mouth!! i know that i am probably way behind since this sandwich has been out for quite some time, but man this is what my hubby would say is "nature's nectar!!" i LOVE this sandwich!!! i have had about 5 of these sandwiches in the last week. all i can say is at least they are one of the 6 grams of fat or less sandwiches:)

Happy Anniversary!

well today is mine and the hubby's 3rd anniversary!!! WOW how time flies. it seems like just yesterday that we were getting married and leaving for our wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia. even thinking back to our last anniversary and how we thought that we would never get the chance to become parents and now we can't wait to welcome little Bryson into our lives. God's timing is PERFECT and He always knows what is best for us. we are so excited about our little miracle and can't wait for his arrival. 

for the most part we just hung out with each other today. clay had class this morning and i had my doctor's appointment this afternoon. we are planning to celebrate this weekend. with clay in school and me trying to get the house and nursery ready for Bryson, we just thought the weekend would be the best time to celebrate:) we are still trying to decide on a place to eat (what to make sure it's a good one:)!! 

i thought i would share a few pics. i didn't ever get a cd copy of my wedding pics so i had to improvise and take pics of my picture frames. LOL

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year. I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

30 & 31 Weeks

30 weeks and 2 days!
Bryson weighs 3 pounds now - about the weight of a head of cabbage

31 weeks!
Bryson weighs a little over 3 pounds - about the size of 4 navel oranges.
can i just say that the way this little boy is moving around, it feels like i really have four navel oranges inside this tummy:)

i have gotten a little behind on my posting. we've had a few minor bumps in the road over the last week. without going into all the details it looks like our little boy will be here sooner than we thought. last week the my doctor noticed that some of my blood levels were elevated and was a little concerned. we are not sure as to why this is happening and she would like me to have some further testing done. but everything is fine with our precious little boy and she predicts that we will deliver at 37 weeks. so mommy and daddy have a lot to get done in the next 6 weeks:)

this is a pic of my precious, sweet, little baby boy:) how cute is that little face? he looks just like his daddy! we can't wait to see him and hold him and spoil him.

my baby shower was this past Sunday and my sister-in-law took some professional pics. i was so busy talking and opening gifts that i was not able to take any pictures. so as soon as she puts up the pics i will post them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not My Idea of Poolside

so you would think a girl whose parents and in-laws have their own pools wouldn't be laying out in her own back yard on the deck with only a spray bottle to cool off with. but that was the case yesterday. clay has started back to school for the summer semester and with the economy like it is right now we only have one vehicle. i so probably could have called my mother or my sister-in-law to come over a pick me up, but i just hate for people to go out of their way for me or be a burden to others. so the back deck would just have to do. an hour was about all i could do since my back was getting a little tired and to be honest that really isn't the most comfortable chair for a girl that's preggo!!

i am so so loving the maxi dress. i have never been to fond of my legs, and with the maxi dress i don't have to worry about my legs showing. i found this really cute dress and sandals at old navy last week to wear to my shower on Sunday. i will be taking a trip over to the galleria to purchase a few accessories to go with this cute dress thanks to my sweet sweet friend mary. she informed me yesterday that one of the accessory stores has some really cute chunky jewelry to go with this dress. i'm going for the turquoise look since it is the color blue and my shower is blue and brown.

i hope that everyone is having a great week so far. i've got lots to get done over the next few days and my week is getting smaller by the minute.

we have our 4D ultrasound tomorrow. i can't wait to see our little man on the screen. i hope he has TONS of hair :)

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