Thursday, May 28, 2009

29 weeks and 1 day

29 weeks and 1 day!
Bryson is the size of a butternut squash

his little body parts are moving alot more lately. it's so fun to feel him kick around and then have clay feel his little head pressing on my tummy!! everyone keeps telling me i won't make it to my due date (not sure why they are saying that?), but i need the little man to cook in there as long as he can.

we get another chance to see him next friday for our 4-d ultrasound. and next week i will start visiting the doctor every two weeks. WE'RE GETTING CLOSER:)

starting this week my work has allowed me to take off one day during the week. so this is what i did on my day off!! my sweet cousin heather had her 3rd little boy in january and had all these clothes that he has grown out of or was not able to wear for whatever reason. so i laid them all out in my living room and went thru every single piece:) i can't even being to tell you all the cute clothes i found. now i have to go thru them again with clay. i'm sure he doesn't want anything that looks even remotely girly on his Little Man!!!

Summer Giveaway!!!

lianna is starting the summer off with a really cute giveaway!!!

these japanese lanterns are just adorable. and they would look so cute in my bedroom:)

make sure you go and visit her blog. remember all donations go to help her and her husband get closer to their goal for IVF and welcoming their little one into the world.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

what is it about rainy sunday's? i just LOVE them. especially after i have taken a nice little nap:)

and since the satellite kept flickering off and on, the hubby had a brilliant idea to play scrabble!! we are kinda' scrabble nerds. this is the 3rd time we've played this week. i think we might need to invest in another game.

my favorite snack this month has been the rainbow chips ahoy. i used to love these as a kid. and my favorite grocery store had these BOGO a couple of weeks ago. they are the best when you dunk them in milk:)

hope everyone is enjoying their sunday!! better get back to the game. i'm only down by 7 points!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

28 weeks

28 weeks
Bryson is the size of a cantaloupe
i had my monthly appointment with the doctor today. everything went well except for that nasty glucose drink! but i would drink it everyday to be in this place in my life right now. if i don't hear from the doctor within 2 days, then i am in the clear! we got to hear his heartbeat again:) Bryson wasn't very cooperative. i was getting nervous because they were having trouble finding his heartbeat. the nurse said he probably didn't like the drink.

sorry this post is short and to the point. but i am in the middle of watching American Idol and finding myself a little distracted. i hope everyone is having a great week!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special Prayer Request!!

my sister-in-law e-mailed yesterday morning to let me know of a little boy from her hometown, Jon Wright Lazenby, who went into cardiac arrest on mother's day and has been flown to Sacred Heart in Pensacola. they are unsure of the cause and there is a chance of brain swelling. if you could, please lift this little boy and his family up in your prayers.
you can click on his name above to go to his CaringBridge page. i have also linked him to the right side of my blog under praying for these.
thank you all so much in advance for the prayers. it's so nice to know that there are so many prayer warriors that i can count on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

27 weeks

27 weeks!
Bryson is the size of a head of cauliflower

every week i think "OMGoodness, i'm huge" then i look back at my other pics from weeks past -and when i thought i was big then - but i really wasn't!! i have no idea where this baby is going to go in the next 13 weeks. and a little scared to think about it:)
i've loved taking pictures every week and it's been fun to go back and watch how i've grown!!
this pregnancy has been a BLAST!!! (even though i have nothing to compare it too). i have enjoyed every moment!

we put up the crib last saturday:) here are just a few of the pics. i promise to post the finished product pic when i get all of my furniture in!! it looks amazing! i am getting more excited everyday and am SO SO ready for him to be here!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bryson's Nursery - Phase One

i can't even begin to describe how excited i am about Bryson's room! the room turned out better than we expected. there are still LOTS of things that need to be done. we are hoping to have the crib up by this weekend and i plan to purchase the rest of the furniture sometime next month. i still have to add a few shelves and we are also putting up a new fan!!

clay did such a wonderful job and i am so proud of him!!! he painted the entire room by himself (he would only let me paint the corners and around the baseboards). with the help of his uncle they added the crown molding and the chair railing. a BIG thanks to uncle carl!

OMGoodness!! i cannot wait for Bryson to get here and see the awesome job his daddy did:)

i hope ya'll like it!

this is where the closet is. we even bought some new faux wooden blinds to put up. the real wooden blinds were way to expensive and the faux wood looks just as good!!

the dresser will be going on this wall. the crown molding and chair railing turned out beautifully!! i can't believe what adding those things can do to a room.

after i took this pic i realized we hadn't put up the new light switches and the switch plate. i am planning to put the changing table and a few shelves i have from the living room on this wall.

this is where Bryson's bed will be going. clay informed me that this is the perfect spot for his crib because he will be able to see right into his room from his recliner in the living room!! i am also planning on putting up this wall art (i think it just sticks to the wall) with Bryson's name on it from this place i found on the internet called vinyl

clay even went as far as painting the doors. they look amazing! everything looks just amazing!! this is a pic of the door into his bedroom.

the brown and blue turned out so awesome!! i tried to match it up with the bedding as best as i could from the pics on the internet. this is another pic of a view from the window.

phase two will pics of the furniture. i probably won't be able to post until sometime in june. like i said in the beginning, we still have alot of work to do, but the hardest part (we think) is done. i cannot wait until August!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

26 weeks

26 weeks
baby Bryson is the length of an english cucumber!
ya'll that is long!!

yesterday was a great day!! i thank the Lord for the people that can give pedicures:) there is absolutely no way that i could touch other people's feet. that is one of my biggest phobia's. but i can't explain how wonderful having a pedicure feels on these tired feet. i even splurged and got the deluxe package where they put hot towels on your lower legs and they add this extra scrub and lotion. they even have these massage chairs you sit in while they are working their magic on your feet. it was just amazing!!

i hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday!! tomorrow i will be posting the first phase of pics from Bryson's nursery, so stay tuned.

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