Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of {10 minute captures}


          I guess I'm going to give this another shot! Maybe 2013 will be the year I finally complete the nester's 31 days series. I have no intentions of putting any kind of pressure on myself to complete the 31 days, but it's something I really want to finish this year. Hoping that it will encourage me in the years to come.

For this years challenge I picked a topic that's pretty simple. If you know me in real life, then you know I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my boys. I always have my camera phone handy and every once in a while I'll break out the big girl DSLR. :) My plan for these next 31 days is to capture 10 minutes of my boys separately or together in everyday life. There might be days where I will just post the pictures that I took (because we all know I'm horrible with words). Honestly I think I'm better at taking pictures than I am with writing out blog posts.

I hope that these next 31 days teach me about being in the moment with my boys. I think that has pretty much been my theme all year. Life can change in the blink of an eye. We were never promised tomorrow, just today! I want to get back to finding joy in the everyday things of life. Realizing that just because we might not get out of our pj's one day, doesn't mean something special/meaningful can't happen that day.

So here's to the next 31 days. Wish me luck! ;)

Day One: 31 days of {10 minute captures}             Day Sixteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Two: 31 days of {10 minute captures}             Day Seventeen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Three: 31 days of {10 minute captures}           Day Eighteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Four: 31 days of {10 minute captures}             Day Nineteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Five: 31 days of {10 minute captures}              Day Twenty: 31 days of {10 minute captures}     

Day Six: 31 days of {10 minute captures}                Day Twenty-One: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Seven: 31 days of {10 minute captures}           Day Twenty-Two: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Eight: 31 days of {10 minute captures}            Day Twenty-Three: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Nine: 31 days of {10 minute captures}            Day Twenty-Four: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Ten: 31 days of {10 minute captures}              Day Twenty-Five: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Eleven: 31 days of {10 minute captures}         Day Twenty-Six: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Twelve: 31 days of {10 minute captures}        Day Twenty-Seven: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Thirteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}       Day Twenty-Eight: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Fourteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}      Day Twenty-Nine: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Day Fifteen: 31 days of {10 minute captures}          Day Thirty: 31 days of {10 minute captures}
                                                                               Day Thirty-One: 31 days of {10 minute captures}

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mailbox Date

Since Bryson has started pre-school he and I have had this thing of walking to the mailbox together after he gets home from school. Sometimes he'll reach over and grab my hand and we'll walk side by side and he'll go on and on about his day. Our walks are short. It's not a very long walk from the driveway to the mailbox. But I love this time with my oldest baby boy!

I've come to look forward to our "mailbox dates" each day. The excitement in his voice while we're in the car asking if the mail has come yet. And the smile on his face when he opens it up and tells me "mama, we've got mail!"

Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Fall Blog Sale

I'm linking up with Leslie today for the BIG BLOG Fall Sale! All of the clothes listed today are in excellent or good condition unless otherwise noted. They all come from a smoke free and pet free home. All shipping is $4. If you purchase more than one item shipping is $5. If there is an item you are wanting to purchase please leave a comment with the item # and your PayPal email. I'll be more than happy to negotiate a price if there is something you like.
#1. Express Black and Ivory Strapless Dress - Size 4   $8.00

 #2 Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans - Size 31 (NWOT) $25.00

#3 Banana Republic Skirt - Size 6   $6.00

#4. Express Ivory Knit Sweater - Size Medium   $5.00

#5. Express Gold Knit Sweater - Size Medium   $5.00

#6 London Times Brown and White Dress - Size 6P (One once) $10.00 Sold pending payment

#7. Banana Republic Burnt Orange Knit Sweater - Size Small $6.00

#8 Express Navy Knit Sweater - Size Medium   $5.00

#9 Express Pink Knit Sweater - Size Medium   $5.00

#10. Motherhood Maternity Top & Pants Set - Size Medium $7.00

#11 Ann Taylor Loft Pink Sleeveless Top - Size Small $4.00 Sold pending payment

#12. Gold Tunic - Size Large - $4.00 SOLD

#13 Mossimo Plaid Shirt - Size Large $5.00 Sold pending payment

#14 Old Navy Red Tunic - Size Large    $4.00

#15 I.N.C. Brown Tunic - Size Medium $5.00 Sold pending payment

#16 Old Navy Turquoise Sweater - Size Medium $3.00 Sold pending payment

#17 Motherhood Maternity Top - Size Medium $4.00

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bryson's Bible Verses {1 and 2}

Last month when we had pre-school orientation for Bryson I remember getting so excited when Mrs. Coffey told us that the boys and girls would be learning Bible verses throughout the school year. Teaching Bryson verses from the Bible has not been something I've been very good at. And I'm disappointed in myself for slacking in that part of his life. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how important it is to know scripture. And I desperately want him to know Gods' word and know it at a young age.

So Bryson's second week of school he comes home and in his folder is his first memory verse. There is no time frame that the kids have to memorize it by. We worked on it everyday that week and I wasn't sure if he was quite ready to recite it to Mrs. Coffey so I let him take the weekend to practice some more. Well little did I know on Sunday night before school I was looking in his folder and saw where he had a 100% next to his memory verse. Sure enough when I asked him the next morning if he had told his teacher his Bible verse he said "yeah mama!" I couldn't believe it! :) I think I was more shocked that he took the initiative to tell his teacher that he was ready to say his verse. My mama heart was really proud of him!

I wanted to document the verses that he learns this year. His first verse is Genesis 1:1. I'll go ahead and warn you that he gets a little animated saying them. :) Oh, and I love how he says "Genesis of 1:1."

His second verse he learned is John 1:3.

I'm just amazed at how quickly he is learning these! And as a mother my heart is so full listening to him recite these verses. I'm so proud of you Bryson!!!

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