Monday, July 28, 2008

First CVS Shopping Trip

i am very new to shopping and saving at cvs, so on my way home from work this morning i stopped by for my first shopping trip.

Here's how it went:
1 50ct Tylenol PM
1 Schick Intuition Plus Razor
2 Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil
1 Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath
1 Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Lotion
2 Purex Ultra Concentrate (BOGO with card)

Regular retail price would have been: $56.48
I used $7 in manufactured coupons
Paid: $27.81
Earned back: $10 in ECB

overall i think i did okay. i will be interested to see if going to wal-mart might have been cheaper. will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


have you ever felt like the smallest decisions in life can sometimes be the hardest to make. decisions in life should not be this hard. life in general should not be this hard, but i guess it is what makes us stronger. over the last six months i have tried to make a better effort in praying for God's will for my life. i have been a Christian for over 13 years and it seems that in the past six months to a year i have finally realized that i cannot make decisions on my own. crazy i know!! what in the world was i thinking that i could handle my own problems? my life has been full of ups and downs. more downs than ups here lately (could this possibly be from me trying to make my own decisions without the help of my heavenly father)? the decisions we make in life requires the help from our wonderful Savior. without his guidance we end up going the long way around. and trust me i know all about the long way around. in Isaiah 58:11 it says: the Lord will guide you always: He will satisfy your needs... sometimes it is hard for me to understand that the Lord knows what is best for my life. so many times i want to do things my way and in my time without waiting on the Lord. i need to remember the verse of scripture in Psalms that says to be still and know that i am God. decisions in life can be difficult when we don't seek the will of God. over the next few weeks my husband and i have a lot of decisions we need to make. i pray that during this time we will seek the will of God and listen closely to what he says. prayer is so powerful. well... i guess i have gone on long enough. hope everyone has a great weekend.

Trusting In Him!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beware of Spoilers

i know what you are thinking: where is this girls pictures? well... a couple of weeks ago during the bachelorette i was looking around on the internet to see if i could find out who she chose before the season finale (don't act like you haven't ever gotten on the internet to look for spoilers on your favorite shows). anyway, long story short i wound up getting a virus on my computer and am in the process of having it fixed. all of my pics where on that computer (including wedding, honeymoon, birthdays, Christmas, and etc.) and just let me tell you i have no backup system. so needless to say in the future i will be more careful when it comes to surfing on the internet and will learn to have some sort of backup. i hope to get my computer back within the next two weeks and will try and get some pics up. got to get back to work. will post soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


hey guys!! i have finally given in to the pressure of starting my own blog. i have to say that this first post is not so easy. i have been sitting here on my couch for the last 30 minutes trying to type out what i want to say. as you can tell i am very new to this. i have been reading various blogs over the last few weeks and for me this is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. i will tell you some of the content could be boring, there could be some misspelling of words, and my grammer is terrible - so i apologize in advance. i have many stories that i hope to share with you soon. well...i think i am going to try and figure out how to upload and post pictures. please feel free to comment and thanks for visiting!

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