Thursday, November 7, 2013

Star Student

This week it was Bryson's turn to be the "Star Student" for the week. He had been telling me all last week how it was going to be his turn next to be the star student. So when I got home Monday afternoon he ran to the door showing me what all he had gotten to bring home for the week.

His teacher sent home a cute little bag with a journal to write in, two books and a little mouse stuffed animal. Bryson loved that mouse. He even gave it a name, "Mousy."

Mrs. Coffey makes each child feel so special when they are star student for the week. Their little picture goes on the bulletin board and they have a special seat they get to sit in throughout the week.
Monday night Clay had an away game so the boys and I hopped in the car and went thru the Chick-fil-A drive thru for dinner. And of course Mousy went along for the ride. He is a cute little mouse.

On Tuesday Mousy helped Bryson disguise his Thanksgiving turkey. They decided on a cowboy.

 Mousy really fit into our family! He was just like another member.

I snapped this picture of Bryson yesterday morning before we left for Disney on Ice. The star student gets to be the line leader all week and they have this cute little sign that says "Line Up Please!" How cute is that!?! 

And one last picture of these two before he had to turn in his Star Student duties.

I am so very thankful for teachers like Brysons'. She does so much for them to make them all feel special. She really goes above and beyond for her kids.

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